Insights for Investors (Client-Approved Pieces)

Helpful investor facing pieces to explain our philosophy, strategy, and more with your clients.

How Math Matters for Investment Success

Investor E-Book

Created with your client in mind, this piece will help you simply explain the importance behind the four math principles that drive successful investment results. 

  1. The Power of Compounding
  2. The Value of Avoiding Large Losses
  3. The Value of Reducing Volatility
  4. The Benefits of Curtailing Tail Events

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Keep Calm and Hedge

Investor Insights

If your clients are spooked with the word "hedge" or associate it with  scandals or fraud, then you need this piece. 

We explain the difference between hedged equity and hedge funds and why the biases against hedging are wrongly placed much to the detriment of the regular investors.

In this piece, we explain,

  • What is a hedge?
  • How people hedge every day
  • How hedging can be used to protect wealth
  • How hedging can reduce emotional reactions in investing
  • What to look for in a hedging strategy

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Simple Straight Talk on Put Options

Investor Insights

Our long-term put option step is a crucial part of our risk management strategy, yet put options may be unfamiliar to everyday investors. This piece should help you explain to clients, in plain English, what a put option is, why we use it, and how it benefits them. 

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Unlocking the Power LEAPS: How Long-Term Put Options Help Investors Take Advantage of a Bear Market

Investor Insights

There are many benefits to your clients with how we use long-term put options. This piece breaks it down for you so you can highlight and remind clients of the three biggest benefits to investing with the Defined Risk Strategy:

  • Help them remain always invested
  • Directly address and mitigate market risk
  • Provide an opportunity to acquire more shares during market selloffs

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Investing Redefined: A Proven Investment Approach for a Changing World


Our Founder and CEO, Randy Swan, wrote a book covering market events that led him to develop the Defined Risk Strategy. He breaks down the factors that influence market events—from world governments and global debt to technological wild cards—and explains why most individuals, including investment professionals, are not adequately prepared for the likely consequences of the next market crisis.

If the investing landscape has been significantly redefined, then investors need to redefine how they approach long-term investing.

This book will help your clients understand the larger risks in their portfolios and how the DRS helps them address those risks.

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