Module 2 - Know What You Own (25:53)

All Options on the Table Curriculum

A more practical module, this section discusses how options can be used to achieve a stated investment objective.

This module is for the advisor, analyst, or investor performing the due diligence on an option strategy.

  1. What are the various investment goals one might seek how can one use options to achieve that desired outcome?
    1. Hedging
    2. Income
    3. Alpha strategies.
  2. What are their drivers of returns?
  3. What are their risks?
  4. Under what scenarios will they work or not work?
  5. What questions should be asked?
  6. What should the analyst look for?
  7. How can one avoid any nasty surprises?
  8. What metrics can be used to analyze options strategies?



Additional Reading and Materials:

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